How can I grow saffron at home?

Indoor Saffron Care - How To Grow Saffron Crocuses Inside

One of the most important aspects to consider when growing saffron is temperature and lighting. It is important to note that only a small portion of the saffron flower cluster consists of flowers. This leaves the rest of the cluster dormant as the flower clusters start to grow. So when starting to grow saffron, you will need to work in areas where there is not enough light. If you have not yet purchased one, you can start buying and growing saffron at your local farmers/rafters market. When purchasing, note the color of your saffron flower clusters. If you want to make saffron, you must understand how to tell the “red” parts from the “yellow” parts. Here are the important steps to determine the color:

Red: This is the stem (stems of green and yellow stems are different colors) and ends that are not yet fully opened. The stem and the leaves are “red” but cannot be seen because their color is hidden when the flowers are open. It is important to note because, after you have grown your saffron flower, this color will not be visible unless you plant into soil. The color of the red stem is the color of the green stems that have all grown to their full height.

Yellow: The yellow stems are “yellow” and can be seen and appreciated. The leaves are still green and may not be visible because their color does not disappear until the flower grows. The color is important as your flower will have a yellow flower stem and “red” leaves but it will not be green. The green stem/leaf will continue to develop and it will not take the color of the yellow stem very well as they are completely different colors.

Green: Green stems are green and green leaves are green. The flowers are the green portion of red stems (when fully open) will appear as green stems.

Cyan: You have to harvest from the cactus. All the leaves (coriander, cacti, etc.) are yellow/green and if you are growing saffron from seed then you should harvest from the “cactus” in the color that you want. If you would like to plant your seed in different colors, then it is all about how they will look. You can either take green leaves to start and then harvest those, or you can take yellow leaves and then harvest those as well. The result will not be exactly as pictured but if your cactus is in green and