How do you dry and store saffron?

In the case of saffron, the answer is: it should be stored in an airtight container. Keep in mind that if the saffron has been dried before, or you have stored it for an extended period of time, the air inside the container will be extremely stale and will be very bitter. If you are planning to use this product again, a new container will be needed to keep the product fresh.

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Ricardo Duchesne’s family, his wife Joan and his four children and a grandson were all dead in a plane crash on January 3, 1943.

In honor of today being the 70th anniversary of the crash, today we’re going to go back and take a look at some early photographs of the plane taken by pilot Charles W. Paine.
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The plane, which had taken off from San Juan, Puerto Rico, on January 1st, 1943 and disappeared over the ocean, crashed just south of the island of Bermuda after reaching an altitude of 40,000 feet with an airspeed above 400 miles per hour.

Paine’s account from his landing pad, which we’re going to take a peek at in this blog, was written during Operation Crossroads, the last major amphibious invasion of the Allied armies and Marines in Europe by the US, on March 6th.

In a way the crash is even more interesting than the actual mission that they conducted. As Paine’s account shows, the plane was carrying a cargo of approximately 2,700 pounds of the drug chloroform, which he noted was the fastest liquid ever tested for use in the cockpit. Paine is credited with discovering the use of this substance for fighter pilots on December 24th in England, where it helped to increase the flying time over enemy territory by one hour.

The pilots survived the disaster, although one pilot, James ‘Pip’ McPherson reportedly died from his injuries two weeks after being taken by parachute back to the US.

Paine died two days after the crash, but his family is still alive. Their