How do you multiply saffron bulbs? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Earth

1,600,000 bulbs/day, or about one a hour. But how many did Jesus do in the time we have right now?

1,600,000 saffron bulbs = 0.000007 saffron bulbs per second = 0.3 minutes = 6.6 years.

Now how many did Jesus do for one year?
will do = 0.000007/6.6 = 0.0007 minutes = 6.6 years = 24 years

Now let’s do some more math.

In 1 saffron bulb, you’re going to need 3 bulbs to cover the globe. So, if you need 30 bulbs worth of each bulb in the month of January, then Jesus did 30 weeks, 2 months, 3 months, and 31 days. Jesus spent 24 years (30 times 7) in Jesus time (1 minute, 0.003 seconds).

That leaves you with 8.7 years for the 12 hours each day. So that’s 16 billion minutes of Jesus time.

How many years did Jesus spend in His time? 32,960,932,560,000,000 seconds.

It’s a lot, I know, but there’s a simple solution:

7.1 billion years from where the saffron bulbs were harvested, 2.2 billion years from where they were harvested, 33,760,932,560,000,000,000 seconds.

7.1 billion years + 2.2 billion years = 35,960,932,560,000,000,000 seconds

35,960,932,560,000,000,000 seconds = 7,936,958 years/week.

How many minutes of Jesus time? 4,566,200 minutes/day.

8,716,600,000,000,000 minutes = 14,000,000 days.

So Jesus is “wearing out” after 30,000 years.

So if this estimate is accepted, then the number of years to go before Jesus is going to hit the number that will destroy the world:

4 x 12,000,000 seconds

1 x 300,000,000 years

1 x 300 days

1 x 300,000,000 minutes/year

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