How do you plant saffron seeds?

As with many of the more exotic plant seeds, each one of them must be sown by hand with warm, soapy water, to not leave any germinating seeds. You then place the sown seed in a tightly-sealed bag and place it in your sieve to dry, so it does not become muddy. Some seeds also have seeds embedded within and will go into tiny “eggs,” which then hatch, and grow to become little saffron plants inside the bag. There are three different kinds of seeds from which you can purchase: saffron, alfalfa and sunflower.

Saffron Seeds

Saffron is an herb native to the Arabian Peninsula region, and is used as a spice in many Indian dishes and foods. It is also used to flavoring wine and spices, making it a good choice for any spice or wine making style. It grows at a number of heights, and can be grown in deserts, coastal areas and arid areas around large urban areas.

All of these things, makes it a great choice for sowing saffron into large bagged bags to dry.
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Saffron Seeds will typically take about 3 weeks from sowing outside of the ground to germinate within a 12-24 week period, depending on the soil and location. You can save seed to start off again from any point in the future, and save seeds to repeat sowing in future seasons.

Alfalfa Seeds

Alfalfa is an American grass that has had a long history as the basis for many popular foodstuffs. The American “Alfalfa” refers to the type of grass it is, while the Spanish “Alfa” refers to whether it is a perennial or a perennial that is perennial, and which way it grows. For more info on the history and growing of alfalfa see: Wikipedia

Saffron Seeds

Since it has a long history, saffron has many medicinal uses, though it is not typically considered a natural remedy.

For those who are looking for saffron seeds as a natural remedy, saffron, along with other herbs, may come in extremely convenient ways. If you have been looking for a new source of vitamins, a high-energy source, and a natural remedy for many ailments, then saffron may well be for you.

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