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The length of a saffron bulb depends on the type and the size of the saffron. Most saffron bulbs last a long time under normal usage. In fact, most bulbs that I have tested have lasted for between 2 to 4 years. As bulbs get older, they lose value and a longer lifespan is not expected. So if a saffron bulb is sold for about $12 a bulb, make sure that it gets the full year out of the sunlight it has been exposed to. Most saffron bulbs have been sold for less than that, so don’t throw it out.

How can I tell if it’s working?

How do I test if a saffron bulb is working?

A saffron bulb is working when you can see the green spectrum. If it lights up, it’s working. This is not a test that you can do yourself; there is some scientific testing involved that can help you confirm the bulb’s operating state. You need to get to the factory and get an “in house” test performed. The company can perform a lab test to confirm the bulb is working, as opposed to a “hands-on” test. The reason it matters if a bulb is working or not is because these tests are done to show the quality and durability of the bulb.

How much energy does it


The energy used by a saffron lamp is usually the energy used to produce the saffron powder used to make the bulb. When you see this figure, it is a lot. There are a handful of bulbs you can buy that use only 15 watts of electricity, or less if the bulb is used in a CFL or HID bulb. So even a 15 watt saffron bulb can produce an impressive 40,000 lumens because of its efficiency, and you’ll be lucky to get less than 10,000 lumens in a 60 watt bulb! If the bulbs are used to make a saffron light, they will run for much, much longer before the energy is depleted.

How long will it run?

You probably know how long saffron bulbs take to last, but what about “how long” saffron bulb lasts? Because saffron bulbs and incandescent light bulbs are so different and cost so much, you won’t know how long a given bulb may run on that setting until after you replace your bulb. So you will have to ask a lot of questions from a

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