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Saffron is a rhizome of the common cumin which was first cultivated by Arabians who were farmers who relied heavily on it with their crops. Today it is grown commercially in some places in India and Pakistan. The seeds are usually stored in a dark plastic or glass jar until they germinate with the seedling in it.

How fast does it take to germinate saffron?

Saffron is a fast and easy to grow plant. You just need to prepare the seed and make sure it is wet before you plant it. Once dry you can grow it. If the seed needs to be washed before planting saffron it takes around two to three days for the seeds to germinate. This means the seeds can be planted up to 8 weeks before you need to take them up for flowering.

What type of saffron should I grow?

Saffron varieties are known to vary in color and flavor. These are the most commonly grown. The best saffron varieties are called “chaste” and “parshad” because of their low flavor and mild nature. You can also grow traditional saffron, called shaafi, which has a distinct flavor and aroma.

If you’d like to grow saffron, choose from the following saffron varieties:

Saffron varieties that you may want to grow:

How much time should I plant saffron seeds?

Saffron seed needs between 2 to 3 years to grow to maturity, and about 4 to 6 weeks to flower. It needs enough sunlight to grow, but the soil should be very fertile and well-drained.

Is there one type of strain of saffron to plant?

In addition to growing traditional saffron, this is the choice of the individual and depends on their tastes and preferences.

What varieties of saffron can I grow?

Yes, you can grow more than one variety of saffron, but it gets more complicated with the different kinds of varieties.

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Saffron can grow in the soil where the seeds were collected or in the air. The ideal planting time depends on the soil, and also upon the type of saffron you want to grow. You need to keep the soil moist. The seeds should be very well-dried for the best growing conditions.

Saffron can be found in two types of seed — pure and

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