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Saffron has only grown in the world’s south. The exact time taken to grow it varies from about 80 days to three years in parts of India and Nepal.

Can it be used for cooking?

Yes, the flower comes in a flower pod or tube and will grow in a wide variety of pot and grow mediums. A well-known example of a saffron dish is the tandoori chicken that traditionally contains chickpeas, saffron, ghee, and vegetables.

How can saffron be preserved?
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Saffron is an ingredient in a number of traditional, non-alcoholic and medicinal dishes across the eastern and southern continents.

In fact, saffron has the widest geographical area of distribution of any spice available in our own kitchen. We have saffron recipes for a variety of tastes, as well as the spice blend used in our dishes.

How many pounds of saffron does it take to make one pound of saffron?

To grow a pound of saffron requires a fairly large amount of work. Depending on the quality of the flower, it will take around 5-10 days to mature. This is why a good quality saffron is worth it only if it is ready before the plant reaches full size. It can therefore take 3-4 years for a fully mature bloom from the flower to fully mature.

When you purchase a large quantity of saffron, it usually is ready in time for a big holiday party or occasion. Or if you are looking for an alternative to using an herbal solution for a traditional meal, a fresh and vibrant saffron will provide great results.

What do I need to store saffron?

Saffron should be sealed in a container that retains its shape, including using a non-porous food container. The best containers for storing saffron are containers that will allow the flower to dry out slowly before being placed in the fridge. Our personal recommendations include the use of wooden containers with tight lids or a plastic milk jug bottle.

Is saffron a poison?

Saffron is often used for food and cooking because of its unique and complex aroma. In fact, it is thought that there may be hundreds of chemicals present in saffron that contribute to its unique aroma. Our favourite is saffron cumin but any aromatic herbs can be used too. In India saffron also

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