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Safron seeds can be stored for months at room temperature. When you can’t grow as fast, you’ll lose weight, but you can make saffron from old seeds!

Why make so many small seeds?

Small seeds offer increased harvest sizes for larger quantities of seeds.

What can I do with saffron seeds?

Safron seeds have been used in several cultures in the world. You can use them in cooking, as a spice, or for fragrance.

What do some people say about using saffron seeds?

The saffron seed is a very popular spice and it is good for the heart, especially in moderation. The best saffron seed recipes start with the very small seed and make them bigger as you cook them higher up in the food. This ensures that you have small quantities of the spice and you are able to mix it with others very easily. I really hope that everyone can try these recipes.

Did you know that there is a certain amount of saffron and the smaller the amount, the more of it you get in your food?

The more saffron you are eating you will get in your food. So if you are eating about 1/3 cup of saffron at a time, the quantity would be about 1.3 grams per cup.

How to remove the seeds?

The best way to remove the seeds from saffron is to peel it or crush it. It is easier to crush the seeds if you have a mortar and pestle. If you have to do it by hand, just use some sandpaper to push the seeds out.

Do you have any tips on making saffron more attractive?

Some of the best ways to use sesame, saffron, and other herbs, are: For skin care

For eye care

For skin and hair care

For healing

For preventing heartburn and stomach ulcers

For preventing cancer

For making a beautiful bath (bath oil), see our article on how to make saffron soap.

What about the safety of using this herb?

The safety of using saffron depends on the quality of the saffron. So the more fresh the saffron you use, the better. Always use a jar with a cap to protect the saffron.

Is it safe to eat fresh saffron?


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