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What do I do with it?

Saffron is an excellent culinary herb that can be eaten raw, with salt, and cooked, in a large variety of ways. It can be dried and used in food dishes, used in cosmetics, added to cooking liquids, added to food as a seasoning, and as an additional flavoring, for example, it can be added to the liquid used to make tomato sauce in order to add a subtle sweetness. It is often used to flavour cakes and pastries.

What’s the health benefit of saffron?
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Saffron has antimicrobial properties, containing active compounds (called flavonoids) which are important for cell growth, inflammation, antimicrobial effects, antioxidant effects, and wound healing. This makes saffron an attractive herb to many individuals who are suffering from allergies, as it has been used to help prevent allergies in animals.

What is the difference between edible saffron and non-edible saffron?

The edible variety of saffron contains approximately 2 grams of oil per 100 grams, while the non-edible variety contains only 0.5 grams. The edible variety is a green coloured saffron that is typically less fragrant and has a very distinct scent compared with the non-edible variety. The colour does not change colour when consumed.

Which is better?

Both edible and non-edible varieties of saffron can be used in traditional recipes as a seasoning, as an addition to salads, as a garnish in dishes, or in cooking as a garnish or as a complementary addition. Most Indian dishes use saffron, due to it being used as a garnish in many places.

What about the safety of eating saffron?

There is very little to no evidence that suggests that eating saffron may affect the risk of developing cancer. However, if you have recently eaten a saffron plant, you are advised to have a thorough medical checkup by your physician before taking a saffron product. You should also consult your physician for advice on the best way to ensure that you do not become sensitive to it.

How to use saffron powder in cooking

To make saffron oil or saffron flour, first wash the leaves of the saffron plant by lightly boiling them for 15 to 40 seconds, or for 2-hour in a hot water bath until they are soft. You can also boil them using

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