How many times a year can you harvest saffron? – Growing Saffron Crocus Indoors

How many times a year can you use saffron-based preparations like tahini, curried potatoes and yogurt? Do you know what you are working with? And even if you do, how often will your kitchen be open to your guests? How might you know that you must be prepared as such? And of course the answer is none.

You have to know your products, and you have to know if your cookware is strong enough. And all this, as we all know, is a problem for the kitchen that has the potential to make food taste like garbage. What you have to realise is that you have to put it in place, make it so that it meets your expectations, then use it only to create something you like. And this can happen through a combination of things – from cooking and eating to baking and preparing. Here are my recommendations and tricks for creating dishes that have the potential to please.

1. Make the ingredients for the dish. Cooking is the easiest part of the recipe, especially if you haven’t mastered the technique of cooking as you know it from cooking. But you need at least an hour to find the right oil, mix the spices and finally make the dish with your own hands.

2. Cooking is like magic. Every minute can make a difference, and I mean every minute. It’s the difference between what you can taste during your meal on a first pass and what you are left with. For example, you might be cooking on low heat with a sauce. A bit of oil goes in, spices in, and it’s done. But the last part of the sauce is left and you want more. So you add a bit more oil, and you want it to be a bit less hot. You might want to reduce the spices to get more spice in the final taste. So you have to cook a little bit more or you lose some of the flavour. Cooking is so magical that you never get exhausted by time.

3. Cooking is a journey. It can’t be the one. And in cooking there are some other elements to make the journey interesting too.

For many years I’ve lived in France, and cooking has, for the most part, been my life, but cooking with other people has always remained very important to me. I love mixing up different flavours and different textures. It is my way of communicating, and it makes what I do really enjoyable.

When I live in Italy, it’s less the case.

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