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I don’t get it,” she says, and I reply to my own question.

You know? And it just happens to be the season in Nepal where these things are the best.

In late 2015, my then-girlfriend (now fiancé) had to give birth to our first child. It was a very difficult journey, and I still have not recovered from the losses we lost while I was gone. But now, there is a small comfort: I am back with my family! Not exactly the most spectacular of things to celebrate (we’re all about that “but it’s still a baby” attitude), but I can actually go back to spending time with them, and even learn new memories. And I can.

Here are some of the new things I was excited to experience with them …

Day 9, August 31

We got out of town at around 7 am. It was very dark, and it was freezing cold (I could imagine how cold it would be for my mom if I had a family of 4 for a few nights). As we got to the car, I made some preparations: I packed my purse (still a gift from my previous parents) and got a pack of Kleenex from my moms, which I promptly opened and wiped across my cheeks (I felt guilty …). It didn’t matter; I did it anyway …

The road didn’t turn out to be anything like we expected. There were very few traffic lights and no cars. Not really a “good” sign. It was like walking to a graveyard … and I had to look back to think about how many dead children I had to look at over the span of 3 days. Even though the road didn’t actually go that long, there were plenty of dead people in the middle of it, but it felt like I was in a time machine and not actually going back: I couldn’t stop there.

I think it was because of the distance and how long it took me to get to the destination. I felt as if I was traveling back in Time to see old and loved ones I had left behind. I was so eager to return home and be with them again.

I remember I was also on my phone and talking with a friend that was trying to find another way home with her parents and son and daughter. For her part, she said they were trying to find a middle of nowhere place where they could stay safely because no one else wanted to live there anymore, and she was

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