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So far, I have found prices at least as high as at the beginning of the story. Some sources are not good and are wrong, some prices seem to be higher than others. I will update this article when I come across better prices.

The value of 1 kg of saffron can be estimated as follows:

It is important to note here that the value of saffron is very much variable depending on where it is purchased. It could be anywhere between 10–100 cents in the United States, and can be anywhere between $20–200 and up. So to estimate an exact amount of money that a saffron grower would have to gain, one would need to know a lot about where he/she is buying it from, and also how much it costs.

However, there appears to be a lot more data than is out there; many companies now have extensive database. So we can probably expect prices to get even more accurate, in the future.

How Much should a grower pay for fresh saffron?

While this is an interesting and important question, this is not the place to talk about any more than that: it will lead to many more questions. So we should just skip the discussion.

Here is how we can come up with a reasonable estimate:

A reasonable estimate based on our current knowledge is that an order of 1000 kilos of saffron yields 5-10kg. A grower could sell that value at $40 or more for saffron grower; which is a very good price.

We can calculate the same number using the prices of saffron grown in Punjab. It takes approximately 10 weeks to grow 1 kg of saffron in Punjab. We can also guess that this number would not be possible in the states that grow it more, due to the costs associated with transport, planting etc.

Using these numbers, we can come up with an estimate based on the numbers stated above: $80-$150 per kg of seeds.

How much does 100 grams of saffron cost?

Well, I would love to tell you. There is so much to discuss about saffron that it would be a book. However, I will talk about a few things that are important:

1. How can I learn about saffron?

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