How much does 1 kg of saffron cost? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seeds From China

1 kg of saffron is a little over $100 and worth about $45 to $50 in most markets. But in Mumbai, the cost is higher – it’s $300.

But before you begin buying some saffron, you should realize that in India – where consumers are already accustomed to paying high prices on vegetables, fish and other staple foods – the price of saffron in retail outlets is quite high.

You should also consider where you are buying saffron from. Although the plant is grown in various parts of India, there are several brands that are manufactured in the United States. When you buy saffron online, you have to purchase saffron from several specific retailers that supply to a specific region. So, whether you buy fresh or dried, you do not really know your options.

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What’s the best way to source saffron?

The best place to buy saffron online is from a specialty market or retailer. Here, saffron is cultivated in larger quantities and sold to a wider customer base.

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For this reason, it is important that you choose a vendor that will deliver fresh or dried saffron at your doorstep – not just another brand of dry saffron. You want to shop at a marketplace that will deliver your saffron that close to the time that you need it.

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Saffron can be obtained from three major brands of saffron grown in India: Karaj and Pradarsa. Both of these are not the same product as other specialty or organic brands like Karwani, Kashi, Bajaj, or Sava.

In India, dried saffron is also called jaggery or jallada.

The largest Indian saffron producer is Pradarsa, whose saffron can be found in all major Indian grocery stores.

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Another Indian supplier is Kashi, which has been manufacturing its saffron at its facility in Patna, Uttar Pradesh, since 2007. Kashi has a variety of available different sizes of dried saffron, ranging from 1 kilogram to 8 kg.

Both of these companies have a variety of prices, but you will get the best results as you shop.

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