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What exactly does “Saffron” mean? How do you know if you’ve found one? These questions were answered in the recent video below.

“It means the seed’s just sprouting, there won’t be a seed for ages,” said Saffron, who grew the new variety in 2013 with colleagues at the Department of Agriculture, the University of Pennsylvania, and in California, and is now working on a project that aims to make it available to farmers all over the world. “Then you can plant a lot of it, and it will spread like a weed, or maybe like a flower.”

Saffron’s seed (which I won’t link to, lest you think it’s fake) is a hybrid of a grass plant whose roots are shaped very differently than the roots of a wheat plant. So, if you’re growing your own, you wouldn’t have to worry if it sprouts. This means that seeds planted outdoors can live in the soil and can remain for many years without harming their environment.
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The USDA approved Saffron for testing, so scientists could determine if it should be used as a new staple crop in the future.

What does “Saffron” mean?

What do “Saffron” the flower mean? How do you know if you’ve found one? These questions were clarified a bit in the video below.

What kind of variety is Saffron?

According to the USDA’s latest “Saffron Fact Sheet,”

Since the crop’s development, researchers have identified several Saffan varieties, but all represent a cross between an evergreen woody perennial plant, the species S. pratensis, with a small grain like that of a wheat plant called S. glabra (commonly known as “saffron”). Each of the three seed types we are currently providing is the closest descendant of the original, which was a cross between S. pratensis and S. glabra. The most recently available variety was developed as a non–evergreen variety that is suitable for use on the land after a few years. S. pratensis is known as a “pratensis-like” plant, and in some areas, the plant and its seed were called “pratensis.”

Since there’s no hard truth or data telling which of all three seed types makes the best seed, it’s up to farmers to know if the plants will best suit their needs. Some farmers have

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