Is saffron a hallucinogenic? – Grow Saffron Crocus

Saffron and Cannabis sativa, the two main components of the Indian Hemp Sativa plant, are not hallucinogens. They are considered one-dimensional plants that, like the hallucinogen LSD and magic mushrooms, act on the end result (the body) when we try to get close to its true nature. Cannabis contains about 40 parts of active compounds in its seed, and only 1.5 are hallucinogenic. We know that the two active cannabinoids in Cannabis are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both, however, have been shown to be psychotropic (i.e. stimulating or activating a receptor), and the effects vary from person to person, so they’re not good for everybody.

While many of us would consider both Cannabis sativa and Saffron (the seeds) as hallucinogens, the two aren’t hallucinogens at all and not even psychoactive in and of themselves.

Cannabis sativa and THC

We use CBD to treat various health problems such as anxiety, pain, nausea and fibromyalgia. It is believed that CBD has many medical uses like anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, anti-infection, pain relief, mood enhancing and for other things such as pain and inflammation.

CBD’s active component, called cannabidiol (CBD), has no psychoactivity either. So is there something wrong with the THC? The answer to this is yes!

When we talk about the two cannabinoids, THC and CBD, it is important to realize that only THC is psychoactive. That is the term we use. THC in its natural state is extremely psychoactive, but THC in concentrated plant form, which comes from the roots of the plant, causes a very different effect. In fact, THC that is concentrated (i.e. taken in pill form, is not psychoactive.) THC concentrate is illegal and you should never consume marijuana concentrate. Also don’t try to smoke concentrated or liquid THC. Only get it in vaporization.

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Saffron and THC

Saffron has the same cannabinoids as marijuana. This means the flowers of cannabis do contain THC but when THC is consumed, only the CBD and not the THC is active. The plant does contain some THC but not much, and when it is combined with other cannabinoids, the effect of this THC is very different. Saffron and the THC do share

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