Is saffron worth more than gold? – Growing Saffron In A Greenhouse

In a word, yes.

But saffron is not to rule the world.

Yes, saffron is to be respected not the world.

Yes, saffron should not be feared,

for a little knowledge and a lot of respect,

makes a small world appear great,

or rather, a small world seems big,

and then when you know what people think,

you can make them laugh.

In India, saffron represents freedom,

where the people are not slaves.

And in the Middle East, the great saffron market is open.

Yes, the old Indian and Moroccan countries,

have saffron for their flags and the names,

the famous names.

But they don’t want the world’s saffron,

and if they would open the world’s saffron,

we, the world would have the saffron.

For all the saffron

is for the rich.

Yes, we don’t want the world’s saffron,

and if we would let them close down the market,

we could have it in less than a day.

The world also doesn’t want us

holding back the world’s saffron.

Yes, the world wants the saffron from the countries

they do not own.

Yes, the world wants the saffron,
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so let the Indian market,

hold the world’s saffron in their hands,

or, if that is your wish, let us stop selling it

at all.

Let us use the saffron to build up a real, independent India.

Let each country buy its own saffron from each other instead of each buying the saffron of the other country.

Let me say this once:

If you want India and Africa to join hands and form a unified nation,

let the world’s saffron be used to fight for a unified India.

This would be the fairest way, the best way.

It would help us all.

It is a very small price to pay.

Not a cent would hurt you.

Thank you.

Sylvain Tancredi is a French actor, singer, and stand-up comedian

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