Is Spanish saffron good?

In the early days of modern studies of saffron, several types of dried saffron with medicinal or health uses were used. We have now discovered a new variety of saffron, the wild red type, which may be useful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions. There is still some debate as to whether wild saffron is actually healthy for humans, or the new strain of wild rose that we have grown is not as bad for us as we thought it was (they are a bit different in composition, after all). But both are good for people, and it’s fun to see how many of these interesting things are now getting mentioned in the literature in the scientific literature. It is a very diverse and interesting branch of the natural health field, and I expect to see a great deal of research in it going forward.

This is Part 1 of a 2-part article on scientific saffron. We will be writing up Part 2 in the next few days.

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Marianna Wigand
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Senior Scientist, Natural Health Sciences Branch of the NIH

DETROIT — When Michael Zagaris began to plan a career in Detroit, he wanted to play alongside someone. Zagaris was drafted out of Florida by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1985 and became an icon with the organization that followed when he was traded to Pittsburgh in 1992.

He had spent much of his career in the minors, but not at the NHL level. The Maple Leafs would have liked him back, but he was a bit young and not ready to play in the big leagues.

He was still around when the Red Wings got the call from their owner and general manager, Joe Nieuwendyk, to make him an offer he could not refuse.

“That’s when it clicked,” Zagaris told MLive Wednesday.

“You think it might be a couple of years or two years or a couple of years. … I don’t know if it was right as a professional. But that was a great first opportunity. I love playing in front of the fans. It was just a great challenge.”

There are plenty of other teams Zagaris could have been traded to.

The Chicago Blackhawks signed him after the draft but had him sit out a couple of games before eventually sending him to their farm team for a backup goalie, a left wing and the fourth pick of the 1988 draft. They used him on