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You will need a good quality cumin seed. You can buy it a little bit cheaper at an Arabica seed company. If you can’t find it buy your spice potter do so, and peel off the stalks and discard the seeds. Use 2-3 small cumin seeds to make a very spicy infused dish.

How to use cumin?

Cumin seeds are a very essential spice for a lot of different dishes that you can make. Cumin is the main ingredient that makes coriander-based spice dish like the one I made in India. Cumin is also used to create a very earthy taste in Indian desserts like the Indian dumplings.

It can be used in the baking and in sauces. Cumin seeds provide a very mild spice but the flavour can be strong. Just keep away from alcohol as it will make it too bitter. However it can be used in food recipes to add the sweetness to foods!


The biggest news of the morning in the world of fitness was that the world record for the 800 meters has now been broken, by Kenyan legend Chika Ntsila from Kenya, who previously held the world record with a time of 1:56.52. The previous world record was 1:56.38.

That’s impressive considering the fact that Ntsila’s 1:56.53 is over two seconds faster than the previous world record. She is also faster than the current world record, which was a time of 1:56.61, won by Nairobi runner Anastasiya Pavlova.

Michael Heath-Caldwell M.Arch - 1948 Journal for the Use ...
We’ve written several times about Ntsila being considered one of the best 800-meter runners of all time. This new record is the first time her time has actually been broken in the 800 meters since the 800 meters were added to track and field.

Ntila was an inspiration to many during her successful run to the 2008 Olympic 1500m gold medal in Beijing, when she finished in 2:05.50. The fastest woman ever in Beijing was Yana Kunitskaya in 1988 at the Olympics.

The 800 meters have been a constant in Ntsila’s schedule, not just for Olympic Games, but for the entire track and field season. She won her first international event in 2009, and since then has been training extremely hard. There have been a few rumors that she might be preparing to challenge in the 2014 Olympics in August, but this news puts an end to that

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