What conditions does Saffron need to grow? – Saffron Corms

When they are about to sprout, Saffron must get plenty of moisture to stay green. It can get a little dry here and there, but the ideal dry period is three to five days (although some growers prefer ten days). In the Northern Hemisphere, they do best on a sunny day that gets just a little cooler than room temperature. Saffron is not particularly strong and requires a strong sun, not too hot, not too cold in the air, and not too humid in the air.

Saffron is a fast growing plant, and will keep growing longer than in a seedling state. As the plant gets longer, so does the height, so it is important to keep up with it. As the plant becomes less susceptible to fungal problems (such as yellowing leaves and white spotting), you may want to cut it back. In the Northern Hemisphere, growers generally need more or less time to germinate seeds because Saffron plants like it warmer. This means that a longer bloom season (three to five days longer) will provide more seedlings than the more modest bloom season of two to three days.

How do I care for this plant?

Saffron requires little care in storage. It should be placed in a cool, dark place in air flow, a cool dry place in light, preferably on plants or in a window. The container should be relatively strong, but not too strong. Never store Saffron plants on the top shelf of the fridge. You want to provide a place for the plant to grow, so use a small window sill or shallow container, a shallow dish or shelf, or a wall or shelf to keep the plant out of direct sunlight.

Fertilize the Saffron plant once a year, at least once during the summer months.

It may occasionally need a fertilizer, but a very small amount of soil from the garden should do it.
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Planted Saffron plants may need a little more help than the average home or garden plant. If you plan to do seedling or budding, you should start the Saffron plant in a bright place of the garden, such as a sunny window or a shallow bowl. As soon as you see the first sprout, you want to move it to a place where the sunlight is brighter and the light is reaching the roots from all sides of the container. If you can see the seedlings coming up, move them. If the root ball is about a

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