What does a saffron plant look like? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seat Rail

Well, look closely. You can’t see the leaves — just the vibrant green flowers that appear in the morning and go from a pale blue to a gorgeous pink, all the while the saffron oil helps to ward off summer’s worst sun.

A saffron plant has a lot going for it. Saffron, an alkali (which is why it helps your skin) is an amazing moisturizer that contains powerful antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Plus, like a lot of herbs, saffron contains a substance that helps to kill off harmful bacteria and fungi. In fact, saffron plants have long served as a natural antibiotic, and research shows that the plant’s ability to kill dangerous microbes help to keep our bodies free of infection. Even in cases where it’s difficult to get to, saffron has proven to make a fantastic, easy to take anti-inflammatory.

If you want a plant you’ll be talking about, I’ve got a favorite — the chayote. It’s also a delicious plant. Chayote comes from a plant that is native to Asia. It’s used for centuries to make tea, making it much like lemon and orange but with less heat and bitterness.

The next time you see that new spice, try adding more of it to your recipes. In fact, it’s hard to go wrong with saffron!

If you really enjoy them, feel free to try my favorite saffron bread.

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