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This is the first time anyone’s made reference to the colour, despite several being used over the years.

The use in this case is from the Middle Ages, but the term saffron has also been used by the Hindus, Buddhists or Muslims, and it is even the colour in India that appears on some Sikh headgear.

The word saffron, which means “green” in Arabic, is thought to have originated in India, particularly in the south and west, but it is often confused with the colour turmeric, which is a mix of turmeric and groundnut powder.

How does saffron compare to the other colours?

Other colours used in cooking can help to define when these spices will be used in a particular dish.

Green is often the colour used in Indian food, and the saffron used is of a colour which is considered attractive.

Turmeric is also a popular colour used by some Arabs, because turmeric has medicinal qualities.

Other examples of vegetables which appear green in cooking include carrots, beetroot and spinach.

Are all colours used equally?

No, not all colours of garlic are added to cookery.

The darker red or black garlic is thought to be the most suitable ingredient, with the lightest red and the tanned yellow often being used as flavouring.

In addition to adding colour or flavour, some spices may also impart certain other qualities, such as bitterness or flavour.

This is why you should always check the label before using any spice or sauce.

How do you get saffron?

There are three main ways for the spice to be obtained.

By buying it

From a trade fair

Through an estate

These three options are generally the most common routes used to acquire saffron, but the prices can vary considerably.

When saffron is found on shelves, it can be bought without much forethought.

However, the saffron itself is not available fresh in the UK, so the more traditional process involves preparing that of a jar or bottle and making it.

This usually involves cutting off the outside of the flower petals and extracting the leaves. Once the flower is cut off, the leaves may be put in a vacuum cooker to remove the water and allow the saffron to come alive.

This is then either placed into a jar or bottle for storage or kept in

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