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Saffron is one of the most important spices or medicinal items in the world. It belongs to the Camellia Family. It is native to the desert regions of India, where it’s used as a tonic and to help regulate the cardiovascular and intestinal functions. Its properties aid healing. The plant’s smell is soothing, so it is used to make a home perfume. Saffron’s aromatic effect is also used to cure asthma, insomnia, indigestion and stomach upsets. The flowers of India’s wild saffron have the characteristic scent of roses, and they are used on garments and on dishes to preserve them. Also, they can be used as an antiseptic, which helps to fight infections and wounds.

Saffron leaves are highly poisonous, so it is best not to eat raw or undercooked one. If you do eat one, it will burn your mouth. The plant also produces an oily liquid in the petals, and can be cooked like cauliflower or spinach.

Is saffron the most important spice in the world?

If it comes to spice and medicine together, then this must be the highest priority to get into. Saffron is the most essential spice, second only to cumin, in both culinary and medicinal ways. It helps digestion and has high healing properties by being an antiseptic for respiratory issues and other conditions. It can also be used in the process of making butter, jam, preserves, soups, beverages, food dyeing, and a bunch of others. For this reason, there’s no other spice that exceeds saffron in the health industry.

In ancient Rome, the Romans preferred the leaves and flowers of saffron, which were believed to prevent diseases. According to Roman medical authority Galen, saffron was used widely in the past. For this reason, it was a vital ingredient in medicinal formulas, and many physicians have advocated the use of saffron in their practice for an entire lifetime, to this very day.

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