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Saffron, the plant of God, is the flower of the garden of Eden. Soil and air are precious in this garden. (Genesis 1:23) It should be grown with clean soil, so that it will be the source of many good memories. It can be grown at an altitude of between 3,300 and 6,300 meters (12,000—15,000 feet) above sea level.
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Saffron flower has been traditionally used as a remedy for a wide range of illnesses, such as asthma and diabetes. Saffron is used to relieve cough and congestion, is used as a hair product, and is an effective antidepressant. However, the exact healing effects of saffron will not be known for almost 100 years and have not yet been confirmed.

What species of saffron grows best in Russia?

Saffron can be grown in Russian climate zones from the Arctic and Far East to the temperate latitudes. Soil should be of good quality. It should be dry at its base and moist around the edges.

The plant grows to 6 to 12 inches in height. Sapphires in Russia are usually dark green with orange hairs. Their color is a combination of black and yellow.

What are the major sources of saffron?

There are two great centers of production: St. Petersburg, which is the capital of Russia, and the Eastern Roman Empire of the Carpathian Mountains.

In St. Petersburg, it is usually available in the spring. In the spring, saffron can be grown on the farm or as a salad with a small amount of cooking oil and vinegar. Sapphires can also be harvested in late spring or early summer from the St. Petersburg-area farms.

Saffron is highly recommended as a medicinal plant. As an herb, it was used for centuries to treat stomach illnesses, coughs, or to clear the blood of poisons. It was known as a very powerful disinfectant when used by the ancient Greeks and Romans and was well known to the British Pharmacopoeia before its introduction to Russia in 1837. After Russian unification, all saffron was officially prohibited and it has been banned in many countries.

What about saffron for skin protection?

Saffron is used to seal skin wounds. As such, saffron can be found as an anti-bacterial soap in the cosmetics industry. It does not harm

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