What month is saffron harvested? – Growing Saffron Crocus In Pots

August is the harvest season. It starts in August and, by the end of September, around 100 kg is usually harvested.

Why can’t we get more saffron flakes? The harvest season usually lasts around two months, so it is not possible for us to get more saffron flakes by means of this season.

Does saffron really heal the throat? The saffron powder doesn’t cure the infection. It only suppresses the inflammation that results from the bacteria spread by the bacterial infections. This treatment will improve the quality of one’s stomach and may prevent the occurrence of this infection again.

If I am going to use saffron powder in any other way than cooking, will this medicine not help me to lose weight? You can use this medicine to keep your body well-fed and healthy. But if you eat more than one to two teaspoons of powder at a time, your weight may be increased.

What side effects have been reported from saffron powder? The major side effect is fever. But in some cases, it is also reported as nausea and vomiting, and it can lead to diarrhoea and diarrhoea might lead to blood in the stool.

How much saffron powder should I consume? The quantity of powder you should consume can vary according to the time before you have consumed it. If you start preparing it at the end of September (as indicated in our instructions), you may consume enough if one teaspoon per day, but if you start preparing it in mid-October, you may consume about three teaspoons. For a man with large waist, the quantity of powder per day might be five to six teaspoons.

How well can I prepare this medicine? If you plan to use saffron powder to heal your throat, then it is strongly recommend to keep the dosage as steady as possible throughout the year to be able to do it every day. In case you are unable to do that, you can get the amount of medicine that you can use. If the medicine you choose for your throat is a medicine that costs over Rs 10,000 you can get it for Rs 8,000, but you can never use this medicine every day.

How much salt should I use with saffron powder? You should always apply this medicine on the skin where the infection has spread in the place where you get it or if you have not applied it for a long time. If you have not heard of anything similar to this, it is very

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