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What is the difference between the Indian Hemp plant and the Afghan cannabis plant?

Both are called the common grass, but the Indian Hemp plant has very different origins. The plant originates in Central Asia, as a grass, not a weed, which means it is an annual grass that is not dependent on rain or irrigation for growth.

The Afghan is cultivated in a similar fashion, but has a longer growing season. The plant is also usually found as a plant rather than an herb, so you have to be careful how much you grow and harvest, as that is the way it will become part of your household.

What is the different between Indian Hemp and the Afghan cannabis plant?

The most noticeable difference between the two stems is the shape of the leaves, both types of Hemp stem can be found either flat or conical.

The hemp plant is also known by several other names, including: Bhuji, Dhandhi or Sankhu, the name in Hindi

how to grow Afghan cannabis plant

The Afghan is grown as a turf in mountainous zones such as Bhutta, Thana, Rajapur, and the north districts of Bihar, where the soil is rich. Unlike other forms of cannabis, Afghan grows well in urban areas.

The Afghan also grows well in the arid or arid areas of eastern India, especially south western India. In rural areas, where the climate is warmer, it can be grown in southern parts of Kerala. There is only a small percentage of hemp in India, and that is found in the rural districts of Goa and Kerala, making it hard to obtain.

How to harvest Afghani cannabis plants

Harvesting Afghani Cannabis plants is very simple, just let your harvest grow and harvest more of the plant. You will end up with a bunch of hemp. You can easily harvest Afghani cannabis plants by setting up an irrigation system in a well ventilated area, preferably in an area that has sunlight, rain and/or irrigation.

What is the best time to harvest Afghan cannabis plants?

While it is important to harvest Afghan Cannabis plants early in the season when they are small and they have a bit more to lose then some of the other cannabis varieties, when the Afghan Cannabis plants are smaller, harvest your plants when they are completely ready

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