When can I divide saffron bulbs?

Saffron bulbs should be stored at room temperature between 50–90 °C (122–165 °F). If the bulbs do not hold a good shape in your refrigerator, they will fall apart and you can sell them for use as currants. The best saffron bulb for curries is a medium weight 10 watt bulb. Do not use a 10 watt bulb in a regular size refrigerator as it will be too cold and brittle, resulting in a yellow-orange tinge. Avoid bulbs that are too tall for regular use.

Do saffron bulbs need to be refrigerated?

They should only be stored on the shelves when the bulbs are hot. The bulbs should not be exposed to the air. If they are in a refrigerator for 1–2 hours a day, they can dry out. Do not store saffron bulbs directly on the shelf as a short-term storage solution since they will break later (although not in large numbers in the storage).

Do saffron bulbs need to be refrigerated sometimes?

Yes. Saffron bulbs should be kept in a cool dark place. Keep the bulbs cool by hanging them in the breeze. Do not place a bulb directly on the surface it is in as this will reduce its heat.

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