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For now, growing saffron at home should be your first choice. The easiest way to grow saffron is by cutting off the tip of one long vein, then inserting the pointed end of the vein into the soil. Leave a few inches of the vein exposed to the climate. For instance, if you plant the saffron outside in a shady area, leave a few inches of the saffron growing out. By hanging the saffron from a branch or stake, the saffron will grow in the same area. Don’t forget that other herbs are often used in medicine too: belladonna, oregano, oregano leaves, basil and others. The best times for planting saffron are at the end of hot and warm summer days. For this reason a saffron plant can make some of the best food for you. Saffron can also be grown with water, but with a small amount of water, you can’t really taste it. But, if you’ve tried a plant growing in water, you’ll know that when you take the saffron, the leaves will turn brown and become pretty crunchy. This makes the saffron taste even better and makes it ideal for eating. For more tips on growing healthy herbs and veggies, check out The Gardener’s Health Table .

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