Which country has the best saffron in the world? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seeds From China

A: Russia

B: India


D: France


F: China

G: Italy

H: Brazil

I: Russia

J: Indonesia

K: Indonesia

L: Saudi Arabia

M: India

N: Switzerland

O: Australia

P: Italy

Q: India

R: Brazil

S: South Korea

T: Pakistan

U: New Zealand

V: South Africa

W: Spain

X: Turkey

Y: Australia

Z: Norway

All those questions had to be asked in a specific order. For the sake of the exercise, only the first two would be answered; the rest are just a guess. If you ask the questions and the answer you get back is a blank, you know you have got a very well-done saffron dish.

Saffron is a very fine spice and for centuries it was the food of kings and emperors and for centuries people all over the world worshipped it as a god. You will not find any commercial saffron in the world today; but it is still a very popular ingredient in Indian cooking especially for breakfast and lunch, in a dish like dal bajra and for curry. All the dishes in this post are vegetarian.

Let’s test the spice. There are many different types of saffron, and each has a different taste, so you need to decide which one is best for you.

All these spices are made by steaming and then cooling on the counter.

So, how do we do this?

First, we cut this saffron flowers using a very fine razor, it looks very similar to the saffron used for cooking; only in this case the cutting edge has a sharp point to it.

Second, we take the stem and cut it just like our first one. That’s because you need to give some skin to the flower so it can grow.

Third, take a very clean rag and make a very small hole in the base so the saffron gets stuck in it.

Here, the hole is small. It should be even half an inch so that it will keep water from evaporating off.

And finally, we leave the flower and soak it with more rubbing alcohol with some water and a few drops of red pepper

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