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Is it India, Pakistan, or a Middle Eastern country?

It was a question many had asking on Wednesday as the nation’s largest tea growers were celebrating the arrival of the country’s favourite flower with thousands of saffron-roasted roasted saffron rice.

According to news agency IANS, the India Day tea event was organised to celebrate the “national celebration of saffron”. Many of India’s oldest tea-making communities were present.

“These tea producers are the originators of India’s saffron tea and tea culture in the South as well as for the whole of India,” said a government official.

The official said some of India’s oldest tea farmers had been roasting the flower in public for nearly six months.

After a while, many young people took the opportunity to celebrate saffron, though they had not tasted the saffron-roasting variety before.

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Saffron is believed to help reduce stress after drinking tea. It is also thought to promote mental well-being and reduce the risk of diabetes, arthritis and various other ailments.

Aakar Patel, a tea expert, said saffron is one of the best vegetables for people with allergies and asthma. It is also thought to be high in omega-3 oils.

“Saffron can easily be extracted from the seeds of the plant, but it requires a lot of water and patience. Therefore, I would recommend that tea-makers, students and people who are interested in the health benefits of tea should try to learn about it first, before throwing in money,” Patel said.

He added that the country’s biggest tea farmers were now on the first day of their work. “As the saffron is the oldest of all spices that you could use, I believe that if India can find a way to grow saffron this is a great start. It should be a source of inspiration for us in this country and I hope that people do learn about it,” Patel said.
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As a small matter of fact it has been so for some time.

During World War II, India was the only country that had cultivated saffron as a traditional staple. During the war, saffron farmers

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