Which country is famous for saffron? – Saffron Spice Growing Season

The only country with a distinct history of saffron history was India. India was known for saffron for millennia. It is actually made in that country, and that’s why it’s there, in that country. That means that it is very often used in India. It was known as Indus gold. There’s still some of that gold in India, it’s used there. It’s not used by most of the rest of the Muslim world as saffron. That’s why India is very prominent in the saffron story.

For what it’s worth, there are some saffron traders that do trade in Egypt, as that was where the earliest Egyptian saffron was produced, some say. It’s not used anymore. It’s very rare. As a general rule of thumb, don’t buy from those shops that make Egyptian saffron.

How often do you buy saffron online?

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The people selling and buying saffron online are very, very savvy. When I first started, I could never get a sale, when I first started talking about my saffron business, people would just not deal with me. They just didn’t want to deal with me, they would say things like, ‘We have something better for you.’ But, as I started talking about it, there’s this idea of buying authentic saffron online. I’ve not yet found a place to buy it anywhere online, but I hope that’s going to happen in the future.

How long does a one-ounce weight of saffron take?

For what it’s worth, the size of saffron is just small enough to be cut into a small cake or small bite-sized pieces and eaten. The quality is very good, but if you don’t know where it originated from or who it is from, it’ll take a really long time to use it. I’ve had people from across India come and buy saffron on my behalf on my website.

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