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And who buys and uses saffron?

Saffron is not only a symbol of wealth. Traditionally saffron has been used in Ayurveda and Hindu medicine. In India, it is a food, a spice, or an herbal medicine. In Saudi Arabia it is used in astrology. In Iran it is used as an aphrodisiac.

The ancient Egyptian culture used sage, saffron, in their medicine, and to their gods and goddesses. In India saffron, also called sambhu, is used on an almost daily basis by Muslims. They used it to sooth their eyes and to strengthen the mind. They also use saffron as a seasoning and perfume.

Saffron’s history starts from the 8th century BC. The Greek writer Herodotus describes the use of saffron in the Egypt and Greece. Around the 6th century BC, Egypt used saffron as a medicinal treatment. In ancient India saffron was widely used in food, cosmetics, in the ritual worship of gods (like Shiva) and in astrology.

The first reference to saffron is found in Hindu scriptures. Sages used to make medicines and incense from raw cumin. The word cumin is derived from the Sanskrit word kummusa, which means green leaves. The plant was thought to bring good luck in the world to people using it. In India, there is a tradition of collecting and using the plant for many purposes. In fact, the plants are used for dyeing cloth and for curing food, including milk and eggs. It can be applied to skin, hair, nails, or for hair dye. It is also used as a dye for animals. In many ways, saffron is a spiritual substance.

According to the Hindu scriptures, saffron has a profound effect on the brain. Since the time of the Buddha, thousands of sages have used and developed a number of different uses for saffron. From the age of 15, some of the saffron-using sages are described in the ancient Hindu scriptures.

Saffron has been popular at different times of the world’s history. In ancient times, many peoples took advantage of the many different uses for saffron and developed and spread their own unique uses.

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