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Saffron is an inexpensive and readily available spice that’s a good source of iron, manganese, sodium and magnesium. Saffron can be used either dry or cooked and is also highly concentrated with very small amounts of water. It’s a food preservative and is highly recommended when baking. Saffron can be dried and it can also be cooked. It’s also a beautiful color!

Saffron is easy to cook and tastes great straight out of the tin. You don’t even need a spice grinder but you will find a convenient option in your kitchen. I always find I need a pinch more when I cook with it as it is very potent.

Saffron is a pretty common spice because of its popularity and as well as it being an inexpensive source of nutrients and iron. It is a wonderful addition to salads, sauces, soups, salads, roasted and baked vegetables and to sandwiches to add a subtle and tasty spice taste.

You will love this recipe for Saffron Crostini!

Where can I buy saffron bulbs and grow my own saffron ...

It will make your head spin to think that a group of engineers has invented the world’s fastest, most sensitive and efficient microphone, but that’s exactly what a group of researchers at Imperial College London have done.

It’s called the Infrasonic Scanner (IS), a device that produces frequencies as high as 15,000 hertz, or a billion times more powerful than those previously recorded using conventional scanners.

Unlike traditional radar, which aims to pick up sound waves, the IS measures the change in the intensity of a signal and can measure the distance travelled and time taken from within 3 metres of a transmitter. That means it can use radio waves to pinpoint even the smallest and most distant sources of disturbance or noise.

The Infrasonic Scanner is essentially a multi-phase microphone that’s made up of two layers: the first is a waveguide that acts as a resonator for sound waves, while the second serves as a phase mirror for the signal. A radio transmitter is placed on either of the two surfaces and an electric current is sent through the waveguide to create a magnetic field.

“We have now used the ability to create a phase mirror within a waveguide as a way to create a low-noise radar system,” says John Smeaton, of Imperial College London.

This means that the scanner can focus a beam of radio waves onto more precise targets within a range of thousands of metres.

The device has been

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