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According to Dr. Amarnath Alakshmi, a medical anthropologist at Harvard who has studied India’s ancient traditions of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine, the spice is not actually costly. In fact, “its presence in a food product is a key for preserving and stimulating the body, and is an essential part of our cuisine.”

Saffron is a sacred plant, but it’s also a potent spice, and in India, it’s a major component of many cuisines, particularly in regional Indian societies like the north. But you won’t find much in this dish—just the seeds, which are crushed and mixed with rice and other ingredients to make something similar to a cilantro salad.

But saffron is in this dish in more subtle ways. There are five different kinds of saffron, plus other plant parts. For this recipe, you’ll add two kinds—the aromatic kind called pungent and the bitter kind that produces more flavor. The other ingredients include ground turmeric and ground ginger.

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Cooking Up The Stuff

First, you’ll need to buy seeds (about 500 pinches). Then, it’s pretty easy to put them in a blender with water and puree—a few seconds at a time. The resulting product will be quite smooth, and when you pour it into a bowl, it should resemble a very viscous paste.

Then the real work begins, because the seeds need to be ground. You can get the finest flour you can find—but the best way to get a uniform consistency is to buy a bag of flour that has been ground, and the powder in the bottom of the bag should be the same color. So if your seeds are green, brown, or amber, they’ll be brown, brown, brown, and so on.

You also need a mill. For small seeds, the most common brands are commercial grinder and fine mill. For larger seeds, the more precise, the better. The smaller the mill, the more precisely it grinds, while the finer the grinding, the more finely the seeds will be. A good mill should be slightly larger than a regular old coffee cup, so this part is easy, though you may need to try different mills depending on how your seeds are broken.

After grinding, you’ll want to let the mixture cool in a sink of just a bit of tap water. Then, before seasoning, you can put a lid on it so the

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