Can anemia cause weight loss? – Weight Loss Diet For Men Over 50

Weight loss can be anemia’s own fault. While anemia can cause weight loss, the most common cause of anemia in adults is the presence of a protein called albumin (see “What Causes Blood Albumin in Adults?”).

How much does anemia cause weight loss?
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Weight loss due to anemia depends on the cause of the anemia, and on other factors, such as whether your body needs to build up anemia in order to grow. People who don’t get a lot of protein will experience a decrease in body weight.

What causes anemia?

Anemia, in most cases, causes weight loss due to an accumulation of protein in the blood. Anemia may result from a failure to produce enough cells in the blood. It may also occur when a person is not well and doesn’t produce enough proteins. This can be especially the case in newborns (preemies). Infants born past 22 weeks of pregnancy tend to have a lot more anemia than do mothers who go into labor later in pregnancy. If anemia was present in newborns and it increased during pregnancy, the baby may benefit from receiving an anemia treatment.

Why you may have anemia

Anemia makes a child lose a lot of weight due to the lack of blood and amino acids in its muscles. The body also cannot use muscle to create its own energy; that includes the liver, which produces the building blocks of the body’s energy.

Anemia is most commonly caused by:


Blood disorders

A disease caused by an immune system imbalance

If you have anemia that has not been treated, consider making a diagnosis. You may have anemia that causes anemia, or you may have anemia due to an immune system problem. If you have no symptoms or have never had anemia, please avoid weighing yourself regularly or measuring yourself after a certain time period to ensure that anemia is not the cause of your weight loss.

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