Can less sleep cause weight loss? – Men Weight Loss Meals

I don’t think it does, but that’s just my opinion. You should weigh in with your own experiences. My body will compensate for an extra little time at work, at least. It’s probably a good thing for your weight too if you’re planning to run your car by 5am to find it a bit empty in the morning.

If you’re wondering why people seem to be so convinced by the fact that an extra hour or two of sleep per night can help with weight loss, it’s because this type of thinking has been used by health professionals who have been prescribing sleep deprivation, or people who believe there are any and all good reasons a person shouldn’t be awake for more than 6-8 hours per night. It doesn’t, to be honest, make sense.

Sleep Deprivation vs. Overheating?

The other major myth is that people don’t have much control or need to control their own body temperature, unless your head is literally exploding from lack of sleep. This is the type of myth that you need to avoid if you want to enjoy an active lifestyle

I actually know a lot of people who have the idea that “well, if I had a cold it could prevent me from feeling like a hot mess all night.” They get worried that getting a little extra sleep might make them feel chilly, and that they’ll be more likely to experience a “hangover” or cold like symptoms if they do. This is completely untrue.

There are a lot of factors that play into body temperature, including how well we’ve been sleeping, how hot we feel, how hot we feel during the day and how cold we’ve been recently. A little extra sleep might make a difference, but it doesn’t cause you to lose any body heat.

The only thing that can prevent you from overheating is having a hot shower – and that’s something the average person can do without using a thermometer to keep track of temperature.

Are exercise and diet really just that different?

There is absolutely NO evidence that exercise is more powerful

or beneficial for weight loss. Some of the research on weight loss comes from calorie counting, which has its fair share of problems. In addition, exercise comes in so many different shapes, sizes and forms that it’s often hard to pin down which effect it’s going to have.

A few key studies show that people can lose more weight on weight training than calorie counting alone

In one of these studies

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