Does iron pills cause weight gain?

Pills contain iron, a naturally occurring mineral that can be digested by the body, helping it burn off muscle.

What kind of pills should you take to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, you should take a multivitamin and mineral tablet. However, this is only one of three types of the pills that doctors prescribe to treat specific conditions, like cancer or kidney stone disease.

Why take iron supplements?

Iron is extremely important for proper functioning in the body and the development of healthy cells in your body. It keeps your blood vessels open, protects your teeth, keeps your body from aging or scarring, and helps it produce vitamins and mineral chemicals.

There are several common reasons a person can want to gain or lose weight. Here is one example of each:

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(CNN) President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against individuals because of their beliefs or religion — a day after former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden urged the new president to end the “divisive rhetoric” during his campaign.

The order instructs departments and agencies “immediately to take all feasible steps to ensure that, to the maximum extent permitted by law and for purposes of this order and applicable law, the hiring, retention, promotion, and compensation practices of all federal contractors reflect the commitment of the private sector to an inclusive and nondiscriminatory hiring and employment practices that serve the best interests of the United States.”

Trump’s executive order targets religious organizations that receive contracts from federal agencies and states that are covered by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which enforces federal hiring requirements. While most agencies currently employ individuals of the same faith, the document exempts religious groups that have not formally accepted religious preferences in the past.

The order also establishes a commission in the executive branch chaired by the secretary to create and implement rules to “protect individuals and religious organizations who desire greater employment flexibility based on their sincerely held religious beliefs.” A White House official confirmed Wednesday what it