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Lemon water is a natural source of dietary fibre, especially if you consume it as part of a juice-only diet. As a natural fibre, it can help increase your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

Is it safe?

Lemon oil is a natural and safe form of fat, which is known to lower risks of cancer and heart disease.

The main ingredients in a popular fat-eating diet are refined sugar and processed foods, so when sugar is removed from the diet, it’s possible to reduce the amount ingested, which can help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.

So, if you want to lose weight and improve your health, you simply follow these simple guidelines:

Eat only a small amount of processed foods such as sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks

Eat plenty of fish, nuts and avocado every day

Don’t overeat

Eat plenty vegetables, salads and fruit

Cut down on red meat

Eat healthy fats instead of saturated fats

Choose leaner meats at night

Choose the healthy type of fruit and vegetables

When should I consume lemon water?

It is not only a healthy way of drinking juice, it can also help you lose weight, as it lowers the levels of blood sugar. In fact, the study of diet and weight regulation shows that reducing your blood sugar may decrease risk of diabetes and heart disease.

As an extra benefit, drinking lemon water can also reduce the risks of acid reflux, high blood pressure and blood sugars, while reducing muscle tension and improving muscle health.

To prevent or reduce the effects of your acid reflux or a heart attack, always drink plenty of water.

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Can I drink lemon water and soda without sugar?

Absolutely. It’s safe and will not harm you.

However, lemon water is not a substitute for sugar, sugar-sweetened drinks or chewing gum.

Do I have to drink some lemon water?

Lemon is a natural sweetener, meaning you do not need to drink it if you do not like or do not enjoy it.

If you choose to use lemons or oranges instead, however, you should follow these guidelines so that they do not increase your risk of cancer and heart disease.

If you are not willing to follow these guidelines, you could still avoid some health risks with a lemon or orange drink – for example, you can take lemon and orange juice with your meals.

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