How can I drop 20 pounds fast? – Fat Burners Mayo Clinic

I’m going to have to go to the gym a lot more. Do you think it’s possible?

Yes, absolutely, but you have to understand the difference between being fat and overweight. If you’re fat and overweight you can’t move, and, if you’re not, you don’t have the mental focus. And then it’s also an accumulation of hormones that makes you lose weight and you gain fat. But just because you have a really big body, doesn’t mean that’s going to be good for you or going to make you happy. A lot of people think this, of course there’s no such thing as fat, but there is, and it all comes down to the genetics.

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How do you deal with that? Do you feel like you let some of your genetics influence you or something?

Absolutely, when it comes to your metabolism and the hormones and the hormones that go with that. If I’m obese, then it’s because I can’t run a marathon. If I gain a lot of weight in the process of going on another diet I think it’s not healthy. So it’s an accumulation of those sorts of things. And there are many factors that go into it and you can’t really have too much of one or not much of the other.

So how do I do it? Are there ways to have an increase in my physical activity while still staying at a weight that makes me happy?

Well, let’s start off from the beginning and understand that you can’t gain weight all by yourself. There’s a big part of it, it’s a combination of genetics, your hormones being the ones that can determine it, and what your lifestyle is doing in regards to your diet and anything that you do. But again, there’s not so much one thing you can do, you just have to understand that there is a big difference between obesity and being overweight.

What makes you happy? Do you look at someone else and say, “This person is a supermodel, and I want to get fit and be like that person”?

People want to look at those celebrities and that’s fantastic, but, as a human being, it’s your own individual responsibility and you have to look at yourself and your individual abilities. Is it possible for you to have an amazing physique and look a lot better than someone who is not a celebrity? That’s entirely up to you. If you look good now, you’re going to look even better later.

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