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I want to do it.’ And of course he was doing it but no one knew. He didn’t have training. So I started reading books about exercise, which made people more confident than he ever was.

‘I remember once he was at a party and had to wear a blindfold because he didn’t want to get his glasses all dirty. So I had to come over and change his eyes – he looked so silly.’

She had to keep an eye on him to make sure that he wasn’t getting bored. ‘At that time I thought it was quite a big deal. I was just being nice.’ But after eight years and a dozen or so movies they became good friends – for the most part.

Celine Dion Returns With a New Handbag Line, a New Song ...
After 10 years they got engaged, and before this she had thought that it was ridiculous that a man should have to take an expensive engagement ring. She was a self-conscious young bride and felt that it wasn’t right that she should be forced to put up with such a thing.

After the engagement she had said ‘I have to say, I like you’, but she never mentioned it until this week.

‘I said I could never take that engagement ring off my finger. I said: ‘We don’t take that kind of thing off. It’s not my responsibility to do that.’

As long as she lives she will never see it again. ‘I am now going to be married to the love of my life, we are going to have a children and all of that.

‘It’s a very personal thing and no one has to look over my shoulder. I don’t let my daughters watch The Walking Dead. There has never been a day where I have missed a day of work – or my son’s day.’

But what about the time she and Robert Webb made a trip to the US during the war? Mrs Webb remembers it in the most vivid way imaginable. ‘We went to see what people were saying in America about the war … and had the best time of our lives.’ And they both had ‘a feeling of having lived in a dream world.

‘I remember feeling quite well, like this had never happened – it was just one of those days.’

‘It doesn’t make me feel good either’

We’re standing beside her in the living room at home in Beverly Hills, where there’s a giant TV. Her husband is there too. They’re sitting at their kitchen table with their kids, as

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