How do you lose leg fat? – Maintain Healthy Weight

A well-timed drop in calories has been shown to be beneficial, with results going back to the 1970’s. “You should go into the office, get in shape, then increase calories,” says Dr. David H. Abrams, author of “The Carbohydrate Fix”. “Once you get there, you have been there before. It’s easy to say you lost 2kg in a few weeks, but in practice it’s about 20%. It can be a lot more than that, too.”

How much to eat?

“There’s no secret to weight loss,” says Abrams. “I’ve got this book called “10 Ways to Lose Weight and Still Look Good”. But if you lose 20lb of fat, you’ll lose more – about 40lb, in fact.” Abrams’ advice: “Eat plenty of fiber, and choose low fat products.”

Your muscles will appreciate the extra calories (or protein). It’s not just that you’ll get an extra 20lb to work with. “If you want to gain muscle, you can’t just add extra calories on,” says Abrams. “You’ve got get your muscles to repair it when it’s damaged by starvation, and make muscle glycogen.” But it’s hard to make muscle glycogen from food.

What about eating a lot of carbs? If they’ve already been cut out of your calories, that may help, says Abrams. “It’s important to reduce total carbs, but in a healthy way. For example, if you’ve tried to cut carbs from your diet, the result has been loss of lean muscle mass, not gain. So don’t cut carbohydrates out completely,” says Abrams. Instead, “Eat some vegetables and fruit – it’s the first thing to help restore muscle glycogen levels at the time,” and take in plenty of calories.

What to eat?

But while that sounds like great advice, it’s not always easy to come up with food that’ll provide the “energy” required for losing weight and looking healthy. Abrams suggests following the Atkins approach: high-fat, low-carb, low-fat, medium-carb, low-carb. “If you’re following my plan, you get a lot of energy from carbs, and you get a good amount of lean protein. Eat lots of fat, and lose a lot of weight.” For your carbs, Abrams suggests bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, all of which provide quick energy.

How far to go?

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