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1) Get more calories than your body burns.

2) Lower your body fat percentage (while continuing your high fitness levels).

3) Eat only those foods that make you fat (and your body burns these fat grams as fuel).

Most people with chronic weight-related diseases and obesity simply don’t achieve either 1 or 2, and in fact more and more of us are reaching level 3 of our goal. To lose the body fat that’s holding you back, your training has to be more intense, your diet more restrictive, and your nutrition more restricted.

Is that a problem? Absolutely not – you can and will lose all of that body fat.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your muscle mass or lose weight. You certainly can eat more and get more calories consumed, but you can’t expect to look like a lean and muscular man in two weeks. And even if you were to eat just the way your body needs, you wouldn’t necessarily lose fat, though you might lose a bit of it. You would be consuming calories and gaining muscle.

While you can reduce calorie intake and calorie expenditure, the fact remains that it’s impossible to lose all of the calories you eat. And it’s likely that the calories you consume are not enough to keep body fat loss and muscle gain at bay. And it’s unlikely they’ll all make you lean and slim.

If you do what I say you need to do, you won’t be disappointed in the end.

In fact, if you follow this simple 5 part plan for losing body fat, you’ll be a lean, toned, athletic and healthy physique to match your looks – including your looks.

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