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You begin to experience abdominal pain when you’re about 50 kg and the pain lasts at least 8 days

If you weigh 200kg you will lose belly in two weeks.

If you weigh 250 kg, belly will disappear by 3 months

If you are overweight you will gain it within 10 weeks.

Do not worry. A fat person is not going to loose a tonne of weight. But if you are a slim person, the loss of belly will take some time!

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There are two types of belly:

Tissue that grows

Skin that withers.

When you exercise, tissues that grow get attached to other tissues and you feel the increase in pressure.

If they wither you do not feel this pressure and it does not get attached to everything in your body. It starts with your legs and arms. After that, it starts with your abdomen, back and the bones all over your body. After a while tissue that grows gets attached to skin and gets thicker. You will feel abdominal heat.

Skin that withers will have a thicker structure and not allow you to feel any pressure. Then you become more sensitive to pain. Body temp rises and you start to sweat, as it keeps your internal organs warm all the time. It is very exhausting and puts a strain on all the organs in your body.

Your skin’s moisture will evaporate. It becomes very hot.

If your skin is very soft, it will not get rid of the fats (glucose) and will not get rid of that body fat at all. The body fat will become lodged in your skin and this causes your skin dryness and dryness will make you sick.

Your skin will shrink.

It may appear that when you do not exercise, your skin gets thinner (i.e. your belly).

This is an illusion. Do not believe it at first. If a skinny person does not work out every day (with regular exercise) for two years, he will look more like the fat person.

The reason why you will have less belly from time to time is not because you are trying to lose a bit of weight. It is because your belly will get stuck in a position. It is better to walk and do physical exercise than to do some exercise by yourself. But it is better to make an effort and work out a bit more than not to do a lot of exercise.

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