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The simple answer is that your body doesn’t have a fixed energy output rate (an average rate will do), but rather “consumers” have a variety of metabolism rates. Each individual person’s rate can be different but is similar to your regular rate at rest when you’re running on a treadmill or doing nothing at all. There are several factors that affect your metabolism rate, each of which can be determined by using a variety of methods, so it is important to understand the numbers as well as possible.

Your metabolism rate is influenced by your activity, age, weight, genetics and more!

Your average rate is directly related to the amount of weight you have. To achieve an average resting metabolic rate of 500kcal/day, you would need to weigh at least 170 lbs. or 14 stone/day. The amount of fat you consume can have a significant influencing effect on your rate.

We all learn and learn quickly. Just check out this recent study of the effect of different kinds of food on the body and you’ll see how many different factors can change a person’s metabolism rate.

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The Nenalata Dilemma is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Speak to Gwen in the Whiterun city’s market, about the “Malkavian affair”. Ask to see the evidence. Find the Nenalata in a secret room nearby, as she tells about a long time ago, but the door is locked. Use the key to gain access to the chamber she refers to.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]
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The Quest [ edit ]

Malkavian affair [ edit ]

At the Whiterun Market (where the player character will find Gwen talking with her friend Hjalti) there is a large crowd of people, in particular the marketplace’s stalls, who have begun to sing. One of the stalls offers a speech from a Nenalata named Gwen, who says that there is still lingering in Skyrim “a great darkness that cannot be understood until the ancient secrets are opened”. She explains that in “the days that the dragon Nchuleftin” (a reference to an earlier Nenalata who is killed by the same dragon Nchuleftin) was born, the Nenalata were worshipped by many in the region, and they were known as

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