How much weight will I lose if I eat 1200 calories a day? – Changing Eating Habits

As of now there is no way to tell you exactly how much a single day of eating 1200 calories a day will weigh depending on your body fat content.

However a rough estimate would be that this day a person may lose about 200lb of weight.

How many calories should I eat for weight loss?

A study at Massachusetts General Hospital showed people of bodyweight of about 30-35kg should eat about 1000 calories per day to lose weight at a weight of 30-35kg.

How should I measure my progress?

It’s hard to get the exact figures on your weight loss. However here’s a list of some methods to get an idea of how much weight you’ve lost.

Your current weight, Your ideal weight, Your current weight minus one pound Your weight goal, Your weight goal minus one pound, Your weight goal minus 2 –5 pounds,Your weight goal minus 10-50 pounds,

What if I want to lose more than one pound?

It’s best not to make your goal the target which is probably only around 1.5 pounds at this time.

If you find it difficult to lose more weight then it’s a good idea to have a goal which may be closer to the ideal weight rather than the actual weight.

How can I lose more fat (fat stores) and how long should it take?

If your goal is to lose fat but not muscle then it can definitely take longer to lose weight than to gain it.

The best way to lose fat without gaining it is to do cardio training like cardio workouts, walking every day, and jogging.

I have lost weight but I’m still very unhappy with my appearance. What should I do?

It’s not your own body size that determines your look. All the muscle or lean mass you have will also increase your attractiveness.

The best way to change your appearance is to change how you view it. You may find it very difficult to do so when looking at the way people around you look. If you can do something like eat some food healthy which stimulates the appetite then you have every right to expect the same results.

You don’t have to look at the same pictures over and over again. However you can try to make each and every one count. If you follow any of the recipes or eat anything which contains fat then you will change your behaviour towards food more towards that which is healthy.
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What should I eat

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