How much weight will I lose if I eat 1200 calories a day? – Weight Loss Supplements For Women Over 60

What if I eat 2000?

When you make a number of foods, or when you eat one food only once a day, don’t consider the amount of calories, calories from fat, and calories from protein that are contained in it before you decide to change, or the calories that will get lost if you don’t change.

What is an energy deficit? (How much is enough?)

Your body works to store calories as fat, using muscle and fat as fuel. That’s how we get our energy supply. If you lose weight, it’s because you stopped burning all the fuel your body was using up. When you increase your calories to a certain amount, your body will find an unused store of fuel somewhere and use it up. This is called an energy deficit. A caloric deficit may only be slightly less than a deficit of one calorie a day, but it usually won’t match the amount of fat your body uses and it may not even reach the point where you can eat as much as you burned.

What is an energy surplus?

You need two calories of fuel daily to do the things you need to do as a human and that includes everything from breathing to moving your legs. If you eat less than your body needs and you don’t pay attention to how much fat your eating or for how long, those extra calories are called an energy surplus. If you eat more than your body needs and you pay attention to how much fat your eating, those extra calories are called an energy deficit. And so on.

What if I go on a diet? What if it’s a good diet? (What should I eat instead?)

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You can lose weight while cutting calories, but it may take months to make progress. You may have to cut your calories back by a huge amount to make a lasting dent in your weight.

Instead, you might want to stick with low calorie food like yogurt or apples. Do the same with carbs and fats and try to keep them below 30 or 40 percent of your daily calories. Then, with exercise, gradually build up to the number of calories you need for the day. If you want to maintain or regain weight you may need to put on weight.

If you want to help people lose weight by eating, you don’t need to spend your personal time talking on the phone to people. Use resources online with questions about eating and weight, and don’t go on public forums for people to come to your house and talk to you about eating

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