Should you eat after 7pm? – Smoothie King Smoothies For Weight Loss

Most of us do. Some people skip breakfast and lunch, and still eat dinner after 7pm. But others decide to eat dinner first thing in the morning for lunch. Some people are just born with it, but not all.

Most people eat dinner by 7pm, but I like to try and go into my day late, if possible. So I usually go right into bed around 7-9pm and then eat dinner in the afternoon. If that works for me, great! Many other people opt for a mid-day breakfast and dinner. I would recommend this for most people.

You often see people eating dinner at the office, which for some people can be a bit more work and a bit more relaxed time. I try and limit my dinner to 5-6 hours, and then I can eat dinner at home if I need to as I have dinner to keep my mind in check at work.

How does eating late translate into the rest of your week?

The main thing I do to manage the time after 6pm into my day is try and think about something different every 7-9pm. Some people need something more stimulating in their mornings after getting up at 5. My morning routine starts off with an hour of meditation, in addition to my morning meditation. The second part of my routine which usually takes the longest is my morning mealtime. A healthy breakfast is always followed by my second morning meal, which usually includes a cup of tea. Usually I have some lunchtime tea in between, before heading to bed again.

Sometimes people do have meal breaks, and this is fine. But the problem that I have with meal breaks at the office is that they tend to be longer and more rushed.

Sometimes I can’t stand the idea of a meal break at the office. I’m generally not an eater so it’s just a bit of an emotional barrier for me. Sometimes I have to give up on some food I’d like to eat, and just choose to eat elsewhere in the world. I have found this to be quite acceptable and not a deal breaker for me. But if I really want to feel good, I would prefer to work towards avoiding meal breaks and just have lunch during the day. Of course I have no idea if I could get a healthy meal while on work time, so I have to live and learn from the failures of others.

How often do you eat dinner? What about breakfast?

I usually eat breakfast around 10am,

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