Should you eat after 7pm?

Do you prefer to wait until your kids go to bed? And are you aware of any benefits to eating at night?





somnophore The process of extracting sugar through an animal or plant cell

hypothyroidism Affected by low thyroid function

thyroid A type of gland that is responsible for converting foods into thyroid hormones

caffeine Stimulates the brain and body’s response to caffeine

caffeine withdrawal Symptoms of withdrawal from caffeine in adults and children

cyanide Hydrogen cyanide is used to make gasoline

diabetes A condition characterized by irregular or weak control of blood sugar

lactose Intense lactose in milk and yogurt may cause bloating, irregular bowel movements, diarrhea and vomiting

lactose intolerance A condition in which the body does not produce enough lactase, a protein that breaks down lactose

lactose intolerance is the process of not producing enough lactase during the natural process of eating lactose

insulin Insulin is a hormone that controls the level of blood sugar in the body

diabetes One of a number of diseases caused by elevated levels of blood sugars

hypertension A condition characterized by elevated blood pressure

lactose intolerance is an intolerance to lactase

lactose intolerance is a disease of lack of lactase, a protein involved in the digestive process

hypercalciuria Hypercalciuria is a condition in which the body has to continually produce more blood glucose to supply itself with energy

overweight A metabolic condition characterized by overuse of muscle

lactose intolerance is the lack of a type of protein that breaks down lactose

hyperleptinemia (low plasma levels of leucine in body fluids) Low levels of leucine are a sign of a carbohydrate intolerance

thyroid The hormone that controls hormones produced by the body

thyroid A hormone that is secreted by and is produced by the thyroid in response to food

lactose intolerance is the disease of not being able to digest lactose

lactose intolerance is the same as the name given to a type of obesity. The word intolerance refers to the inability to digest lactose

lactose tolerance is a type of overactive immune response associated with an intolerance to lactose

somnophore A liquid-soluble liquid found in water