What burns the most fat? – Best Weight Loss Products That Actually Work

Not so much the food as the attitude that burns it all.” — The Mad Hatter

It’s no secret that most people are fatter than they should be, but there’s good reason for a lot of overweight folks to still have a good attitude about it. For one thing, the truth is, the more you look like you used to, the fatter you’ve got to be.

“I was overweight and it didn’t bother me very much, but when I turned 32, I felt like I was just about done until I met a guy, and within a year we were going to have to fight. I was worried about my health.” — Bob Marley

And what’s worse, our culture is constantly pushing people toward bigger bodies at all time, and no matter how much we like to tell ourselves otherwise, it simply isn’t true.

“The problem with fat people is that we all have a genetic predisposition to becoming overweight.” — Dr. Phil McGraw

One might assume that a gene that allows you to be as large as you would like is one that would make you healthy. But it’s actually the opposite. A number of scientific studies have shown that genes that allow you to keep growing bigger and bigger tend not to have a positive influence on your health.

“The problem isn’t that we think we’re fat. It’s that we live our lives eating fat.” — Dr. Mark Hyman

The way we’ve been raised, it’s not easy to start to think about what’s unhealthy. For example, a diet that’s too low in fat may feel good to the individual but is actually making you fatter, because you’re adding pounds of excess body mass at a rapid pace.

“We’re not fat in the sense that we have fat cells, fat tissues and fat storage in fat cells. We have fat in the sense that fat’s produced by fat cells, fat cells can be killed, and fat tissue is made up of fat cells. Fat is a fat cell, it doesn’t make any other cells.” — Dr. Mark Hyman

So instead of focusing on how overweight or obese you are, let’s focus on what actually hurts you the most — how you think you are fat.

“We have fat cells that can be killed, that’s why fat doesn’t make anyone fat.” — Dr. Dean Ornish

There have been some surprising insights recently into how some people, for whatever reason, are

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