What exercise burns the most calories? – Best Keto Supplements For Weight Loss Review

Is there even a right or wrong answer? What type of fat-burning exercise or diet is right for you?

No one truly knows the answer, and that’s part of the fascination of this question. And, there is no right answer. But, there are two big generalizations (and some scientific evidence) about how and which type of fat- burning exercise and diet is best.

The first generalization (and evidence): The type of fat-burning exercise (or diet) that we typically think of as being a “burner” involves performing several exercises using only a small portion of our body’s fat.

For example, I’d refer you to this blog post for a look at a workout that may be considered to be a “burner” exercise (it involves only 10-20% of our whole body fat).

This is the kind of exercise that comes across as being “easy.”

So, let’s try a different exercise for exercise scientists: Try this exercise where we are not using the whole body of our body fat but only a small section of it.

This is another “easy-burner” exercise, but it is very low-intensity (and very high calorie burning). A typical 3×30 minute set with 3 sets of 15-30 seconds of hard breathing will burn around 170 calories per session for 20 minutes. Even in the low intensity that could be considered to be “easy,” it produces only 10 to 15% of daily calories burned. To put things in perspective, if you burn just 10% of your body fat a day, you would burn around 110 calories per day. And this is on a diet of about 30% calories from fat.

So, this is an exercise that I believe is more akin to “fat bombs” than “burner” exercises — which is pretty cool.

The second generalization (and research) that many people like to promote is that “fat burning” and “non-fat burning” exercises will burn more calories in a given time period.
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The problem with this generalization is that many studies have been done comparing the energy expended by several different types of “fat burning” exercise (exercise with varying degrees of resistance and variety of reps) to the energy expenditure of a single-set high intensity exercise (exercise with limited resistance and variety of reps). Many of these studies have failed to show that higher levels of exercise in one specific type of exercise increased fat burning more than

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