What foods make your face fat?

When you eat foods that create fat, there’s no need to worry. All those “healthy fats” on a plate are not going to change your overall intake of fats and calories, because none of them are going to be bad for you. But even if these “fat” foods were bad for us, we would still need to eat more of them in order to lose fat. So it’s really a matter of what foods have a lot of “healthful fat” and what foods have a little healthful fat. What does that look like?

Here are the foods that make your face fat for fat loss:

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Crispy fried potatoes — There are so many types of fried potatoes now that it would be difficult to go all the way down the list, so these foods have been chosen. However, you will need to eat a lot of fried potatoes if you want to lose fat.

Salad greens — These are one type of vegetable that are supposed to have a lot of healthful fat. Many people prefer to reduce all the fat from salads instead of just the vegetable oils in them. However, that is a matter of personal taste. Some people prefer that their salads come with fewer vegetables if they are trying to lose weight.

Baked potatoes — You might consider eliminating all the processed food from your diet, especially processed baked potatoes. Not only do they have lots of “healthful fat” but they also tend to contain high water content. If you do want them baked, try substituting them for some frozen baked potatoes.

Fatfree cheesecake — This is one of the healthier desserts. In fact, it’s one that many people swear by. When I asked my students what it was like to have been the person who invented the first fat free Cheezecake, people would say it was delicious and that other people thought it would be disgusting because it had no fat in it. That’s why many people believe it won’t give you too much weight loss at all.

So if a cheesecake is not healthy for you, or you already have a diet that does not allow you to eat cheesecakes then don’t eat it. On the other hand, if you enjoy cheesecakes and you already do not eat fat free cheesecakes, this is one type of diet you might want to try this diet for.

Fat free cake. Photo via Fat Free Cheesecake

Fruit cake — Again, it’s an easy diet food to avoid if you